Our purpose is to help you live in harmony with your 4 legged friend.


Our Aim

To help you to understand your dog.

To teach you how to communicate effectively with him and without stress.

For training to become a pleasure for both of you.

Our Approach to training

The emphasis is on socialisation and helping you to achieve a well balanced, well behaved family pet that you can take anywhere and be proud of.

Our club

We are an association, governed by the law of the 1st of July 1901, whose only resources are the membership subscriptions.

On the edge of the beautiful village of Azille in a completely fenced and equipped ground we offer you:

  • A complex entirely dedicated to you and your 4 legged companions
  • Sympathetic and informative training catering for your needs

Our trainers

All our trainers hold diplomas in canine education and puppy craft awarded by the Societé Centrale Canine.

Our trainers are all volunteers.  (Link to trainers photos with names)

Your dog

Big or little, young or old, pedigree or mutt we can help you get the best from him.


A well educated dog is a happy dog
(and the master of an educated dog is a happy master)